What To Read This Summer - 10 Great Books For College Students

Books offer tons of benefits, especially if you are a student. Books can help widen your vocabulary, get writing styles to imitate, improve your imagination, and keep your mind and body relaxed. Reading books can be both enjoyable and relaxing. Summer can be your perfect time to read books. For students, there are great books that you can read and enjoy and give you reflections, teachings, and inspirations.

Great Books for College Students

1. The Art of Happiness

This book offers inspiration to students who want to find purpose and happiness in life. It will give you moments of reflection to help you see your own life and happiness at the moment.

2. The Idiot

This fiction book by Elif Batuman will take your college mind to romance and love. It will bring you emotions of love that every college student may have experienced or would want to feel.

3. Fangirl

The book by Rainbow Rowell has a familiar concept to any college student. It is about the struggles of college life and how the character takes it day-by-day.

4. The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion

This book will be helpful to incoming college students who are still choosing which course to take. This will enlighten students with their decision making and choices in life.

5. How to Win at College

This book will give you inspiration and tips to becoming a successful college student. It will give information on how to get ahead at college and become the best student that you can ever try to be.

6. Small Move, Big Change

This book by Caroline Arnold provides motivation to do what you have always wanted to do. It will push you to pursue your dreams whether it is as a student, entrepreneur, or employee.

7. The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project will bring some positive vibe into your summer day. This will bring your mind to your comfort and relaxation mode. It is a feel-good book that you can get inspiration from.

8. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

This book by David Allen will give tips and tricks on improving productivity at whatever you do. Every college student will find this book useful and can prepare them when school resumes.

9. Brain Rules

This book by John Medina will give you an idea of how the brain works. It is not about the veins or parts of the brain, but it is more about its functions and processes.

10. Personal Investing: The Missing Manual

Students these days are also into business. This book will give insights on personal investments, financial discipline, and choosing the investment suitable for you and your finances.
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